Family fitness activities and exercises

By Joan Salmon

We lead such busy lives that family time is scarce. Nonetheless, we can use physical fitness to promote more bonding while keeping us healthy.

To swim
This exercise will surely appeal to most children and is a sure way to get the whole family involved. Samson Kazibwe, a swimming instructor, says swimming is fun and perfect even for those who have suffered injuries that do not allow certain exercises like running. “It strengthens the upper body as well as the lungs, not to mention the thighs and legs,” he says. In addition to being fun, it allows you to use a lot of energy, resulting in a loss of calories.

It’s not about winning, it’s about making the whole family have fun and be a part of the activity. “Start by jogging around the complex. This allows the legs to get used to the training. Later, you can jog longer distances, ”says Elijah Muhwezi, a fitness instructor. Jogging will keep your lungs healthy as they get used to delivering oxygen to the body at a faster rate.

There are several ways to jump rope, such as group skipping, Dutch doubles, or single skipping. According to Sylvia Kabagenyi, physical trainer, anything that works for the family is good. “Jumping is a sure way to reduce that excess weight while having fun. You can participate in a competition where you determine who can jump more, because that will motivate those who might be released, ”he says.
It’s not only fun, but a sure-fire way to strengthen your lower body without forgetting your arms and grip strength. Vivian Thandi, an avid fitness enthusiast, explains that young children can be involved by having a child seat fitted to an adult’s bicycle so that they participate and enjoy the fresh air. “It will be great to ride on roads with little or no traffic to avoid accidents,” she said.

Playing tennis is fun and has a lot of movement that will stretch various muscles. Gilbert Kintu, a tennis coach, says involving your family in games of tennis allows them to run, hilariously laughing at failures and triumphs while teaching them to focus.
He adds that you can also play table tennis for those who are short on space because all you need is a large table that you can turn into a game center and a net.

It is not vigorous and, therefore, will be appreciated by children and the elderly, while providing immense benefits. Muhwezi says that with the right pair of shoes, a bottle of water for each person, the family can walk for a long time, which will tone their legs and strengthen their heart. “To make the walk more interesting, allow the children to move forward and backward so they don’t get bored,” he adds.


Tug of war
The idea of ​​a winning group is so exciting and will involve everyone. “Just make sure the participants are evenly distributed so that both teams are strong enough. Then let the pull begin. This will surely delight everyone while improving grip strength, without forgetting the balance because that is what it takes to shoot better ”, shares Thandi.

follow the guide
It’s common with kids going to nursery, but there’s no harm in having an adult join in the fun. Thandi says that you can take turns being the leader, as each leader brings some exercise on board. “It could be jumps, frog jumps or jumps. It will not only be fun, but allow you to try out several exercises, ”she says.

Classic games
These include hide and seek, tin kicking, and hopscotch. These will cause a lot of excitement as the kids watch the adults jump and run while this will help the adults relieve stress. Muhwezi shares that games like hide and seek will get you thinking quickly while hopscotch will test and strengthen your balance as it is mostly done on one leg.

To dance
“Put on some music that everyone in the family loves and dance until you start to sweat.” It will make you laugh at the different dance moves as you learn new ones while burning fat and relieving stress as the whole body is involved, ”shares Muhwezi.

Although it is considered by many to be a household chore, you can make it a fitness activity by involving the whole family. “Start by weeding the garden or the lawn for those who are a little older while the younger ones pick up the garbage. Then you can move on to the cut and size of the fence, if you have a natural one, ”shares Edwin Masaba, a parent. No matter what your gardening makeup is, it will be fun when done with the family while making your heart beat faster, which is good for your health.
Muhwezi advises that a schedule be established and a different activity performed at each meeting to ensure full body exercise.

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