Slide Board Training For Hockey

slide board training

Let’s get one thing out of the way quickly…slide board training is awesome!

I’ve talked about gimmicks in the past that I think people are very easily drawn to because of their lack of ability to stick to any one thing for any length of time. We call it the ‘golden ticket’. The one thing that will change our lives forever like nothing else has. Those type of people end up spending countless amounts of dollars, jumping from one thing to the next, not giving anything a real chance, and hoping their next hot buy will bring them to their goal.

Well, I’m here to tell you….THAT PRODUCT DOESN’T EXIST.

If you’re looking for a product to add to your fitness program or something that will definitely help you in becoming a better athlete, then you should seriously consider a slide board.


Many of you may look at the slide board and think, “Looks easy” or “Looks gimmicky”.

Slide back and forth on one for a minute and you be the judge. I’ll save you time though. It’s a great conditioning tool.

Here’s 4 reasons why slide board training is beneficial for your workouts:

1. It’s excellent for correcting a poor skating stride.

Most young hockey players are too tall in their skating stance and push off their blade inefficiently. With a good coach, using a slide board will help correct those problems so that you can improve your stride, and further more, your speed on the ice.

2. It can help with lower back pain due to skating.

Again, with a good coach to help you use the correct form, lower back pain can be relieved after consistent use of the slide board. Correcting your posture with slide board training will help you transfer your new stance onto the ice…pain free.

3. It helps strengthen the medial and lateral parts of the leg.

The obvious part of the slide board is that it’s functional. It mimics the skating stride, so in turn you can use that to your advantage. Place a weighted vest on or grab a medicine ball for extra resistance to help improve your skating power.

4. It’s incredibly versatile.

At first glance, the slide board looks like it’s only use is to mimic a skating stride. That couldn’t be further from the truth. You can use it to help develop almost any part of your body. Check out the video below to see a few different slide board exercises.

Hope you didn’t snicker too much about my purple slider boots (they came with the board, I didn’t get a choice) and me almost bailing at the start.

Anyway, if you looked beyond the couple quirks, you’d realize that the slide board is an excellent tool to help you become a better athlete. You won’t use it for any heavy lifts or anything but it will fit in great with any of the supplemental work you do in your workouts.

If you’re interested in giving the slide board a try, go here —> Slide Board


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