Why Hockey Players Are Awesome

Just so you know, being a hockey player is awesome!

I thought I’d do a fun post this time around and throw down all the reasons why I think hockey players are awesome. Now, I was a hockey player growing up, and still play today, but I never went anywhere with the sport. I took a bit of a different path through high school and university only playing basketball and soccer. Don’t get me wrong, those sports are awesome too, but living in Canada, being a hockey player, there’s something special about it. I never really realized how much I missed playing hockey until I got back into it about 7 years ago at the age of 24. I completely quit playing when I was 14 (after grade 9), so there were 10 years of absolutely no hockey for me. A lot of my buddies kept playing, some of them even at the university level, and I have to say I was always a tad bit jealous of what they were able to experience. So here’s my reasons why it’s awesome to be a hockey player:

1. The comradery you develop with your teammates.

I remember growing up, playing AA hockey, some of the best friends I had at the time were my teammates on those teams. Hanging out in the dressing room, going for team dinners, playing mini-sticks in the hotel hallway…you get to know your teammates pretty well. Nowadays, just hanging out in the dressing room after the game, listening to guys tell stories and joking around, is a pretty great time.

2. The speed of the game is like no other.

Now, commercial hockey where I play isn’t exactly warp speed, but it’s faster than the other sports I play. Watch how fast some of these NHL players today skate, then try it for yourself, and you’ll appreciate just how amazing some of these athletes are. Being able to skate is a skill in itself. Being able to skate fast, have control over your body, and control your stick with a tiny little black puck on it, is something on a whole different level.

3. You get to hit people on purpose.

Ya, I realize this is a hot topic and I play in a non-contact league, but I can remember how good you felt when you threw that perfectly clean hit. It’s definately something that will boost your confidence. I’ve also been on the opposite side of those perfectly clean hits, either because I had my head down or I ran into someone that was rock solid, and you don’t exactly feel too great picking yourself up off the ice. You know you’re going to hear it from your teammates as soon as you get back to the dressing room too. But just being able to legally hit people, it’s like you’re in a whole different world and it’s fun being a part of.

4. You have to be Incredibly Talented.

Anyone can sign up to play hockey, but only a select few will actually excel at it. I’ve played alot of sports, including basketball and soccer where you need great hand-eye coordination to excel, but hockey has been the most difficult to excel at. Why? Because you have to learn how to skate first. All those other sports, like basketball and soccer, you just have to be able to run, which as human-beings we’ve been doing since we were a year or two old. Learning how to skate, and skate well, is a talent and skill all in its own. Then you have to be able to control a stick and a puck while skating. Having a ball, is one thing, but having a stick and puck, is two. Controlling them together takes time, patience, and plenty of practice. As do the other skills in the sports I just mentioned, but again, there’s only one thing you have to concentrate on. So agree with me or not, the top hockey players today are incredibly talented and often get overlooked for their amazing abilities.

Check out these awesome skills in this video.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me why you think it’s awesome to be a hockey player.

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