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THIS week’s edition is all about volume, effectiveness and efficiency in a limited time given to individuals to train or practice while maintaining peak performance.

“Constant, regular training is essential,” says National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer Jerry Diaz.

“But sometimes we only have a small window of time to balance work and family,” he added.

“When an individual has limited time to train while balancing work, I will schedule at least 20-30 minutes of training while always targeting volume, effectiveness and efficiency,” Diaz said.

For volume, he recommends at least one or two basic dynamic movements for the lower body (legs), upper body (chest), back and shoulders.

Another approach is to target specific body parts with interval training or squat-focused exercises.

Diaz said some people enjoy fast conditioning movements similar to high-intensity interval training or Tabata.

But an individual should avoid a long list of exercises to avoid frustration, he added.

Effective training involves planning and designating time for each day throughout the week to perform specific exercises, Diaz said.

To ensure effectiveness, he added, individuals must focus on quality movement to avoid injury while increasing intensity with appropriate resistance and challenge.

Over time, the individual’s body will adapt to the exercises, Diaz said. This will require adjustments to avoid the plateau and to continually maintain the challenge with resistance and different movements, he added.

“It’s important to realize that the fitness goal should focus on quality movement, adequate rest time before moving on to each exercise, and maintaining sufficient challenge to keep the routine fun and the individual remains interested in following the program.”

For professional fitness inquiries, contact Jerry Diaz via Instagram at @BBJ_Athletics or Facebook.

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