CrossFit Conversion Brings Elite Fitness Training to Clarksville



CrossFit aims to make members “stronger than yesterday”

CrossFit conversion. (Photo by Shea Halliburton)

Founded by Reagan Prather and Jessie Carter, CFC is Clarksville’s newest CrossFit affiliate. CrossFit, for those unfamiliar with the term, is a fitness program that uses “constantly varied functional movements performed at a relatively high intensity” according to CrossFit, Inc.

Whether you are an elite athlete or a couch potato, CrossFit will optimize your fitness level. Ten years ago, this particular type of fitness was originally used in specialized military training, but its popularity has grown nationally in recent years.

According to CrossFit, Inc., the community that spontaneously arises when people do these workouts together is just as important as the workouts and CrossFit conversion is no different. In fact, the community aspect of CrossFit is a key part of its effectiveness.

CrossFit Conversion Founder Reagan Prather. (Photo by Shea Halliburton)

Founder Reagan Prather says, “It’s our community and our coaches that set us apart. We want visitors to feel welcome immediately – everyone is working towards a common goal of becoming a better life and we’ve created an environment where that can happen. ”

CrossFit Conversion opened in July 2012 and has really proven itself. Located in the brand new High Pointe Physical Therapy building in the Rudolphtown office complex (corner of Richview Road / Warfield Boulevard and Memorial Drive), CFC has assembled an extremely passionate group of members in just a few short months.

CrossFit classes, called WOD (short for “Workout of the Day”) can be short and intense or longer and more endurance-oriented. The key to CrossFit is to always let the body guess so that it can handle everything. The dreaded plateau that many fitness enthusiasts reach is virtually nonexistent in CrossFit because workouts are rarely repeated.

CrossFit Conversion also runs their workouts in small, small-sized groups under the close supervision of CFC coaches – to ensure that participants use the correct technique and get the most out of each exercise.

Due to the small classes, members get to know each other well and become an integrated support system for each other.

“We have a mix of military, law enforcement, teachers and stay-at-home moms,” says founder Reagan Prather. “Regardless of your background, current level of fitness or athletic ability, when you walk through our doors you are family and an important part of something remarkably unique. “

“I saw with my own eyes the incredible impact that CrossFit can have”echoed by co-founder Jessie Carter, physiotherapist at High Pointe. “Personally, I have tried other methods… CrossFit has been by far the most effective way to gain strength, lose fat, gain definition and improve my overall health in a short time.”

CrossFit Conversion is located at 2319 Rudolphtown Road in Clarksville, Tennessee, on the lower level of the High Pointe Physiotherapy Building. They organize classes 6 days a week and Open Gym on Sundays for members. They are offering a free walk-in class for potential members 2 times a week and will be announcing New Years’ incentives for newbies in the coming weeks.

For more information, please visit or call 931.771.2555.

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