Firearms Training and Fitness Center Moves to Sunset Plaza | News


Lawman Tactical expands its mission to provide tactical training to law enforcement, military and civilians.

Leaders from the three states met Tuesday morning to kick off a new development for Lawman Tactical.

They introduced the state-of-the-art Guntry Club facilities.

The training center is moving its operations from its Green River Rd location to the old Sunset Plaza off US 41. Their hope is to expand their mission to provide tactical training for law enforcement, military and civilians.

“Due to the increase in violence, not only in our community, but around the world, the demand for civilian training has increased dramatically. So we decided to open a facility where we can provide professional training to local professionals (police) to give our civilians the skills to protect themselves and their families,” said Bryan Bishop, Vice President of Lawman Tactical.

Bishops says it’s been his life’s dream to provide an environment where everyone can train comfortably, no matter their skill level or knowledge.

The Guntry Club will include a fitness center, coffee lab, survival classes and critical training for professionals; among many other things.

Bishop says, “It will also give [law enforcement] a facility under one roof to deliver several different types of training. Everything from defensive tactics to our interior lineup. We will have a virtual reality simulator. We can subject the agents to several scenarios and let them react under this stress without being in this real situation.

The establishment plans to open in the fall of 2022.

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