Garmin Connect Fitness 2021 Global Report Sees Rise in Fitness Activities


Garmin today released its Garmin Connect 2021 Global Fitness Report… ‘providing insight into the activities of millions of Garmin smartwatch users around the world as the COVID-19 pandemic expanded into its second year.’

The company notes that whether it’s hitting the trails, tracks or even the yoga mat, Garmin customers have been logging more activity than ever before in the Garmin Connect fitness community app, with double-digit increases in almost all business categories.

“In the face of ongoing lockdowns and the emergence of new variants of COVID-19, Garmin users saw a record number of fitness activities in 2021,” said Joe Schrick, Garmin Vice President, Fitness Segment. .

“We already knew our customers are performance-driven and resilient, and the data proves that even a global pandemic won’t stand in the way of their relentless drive to ‘beat yesterday’.”

The number of indoor activities recorded by Garmin users increased twice as much as outdoor activities year-over-year. Fitness sessions that took place indoors increased by 20.54% in 2021 compared to 2020, with Pilates and yoga leading the way.

Wellness activities also experienced strong growth, with a strong increase in breathing sessions. Outdoor activities in the elements increased by 9.52%, with gravel cycling recording the strongest growth, followed by winter sports.

2021 vs 2020, percent year-over-year increase for Garmin customers’ favorite activities:

  • Pilates: 108.30%
  • Breathing: 82.76%
  • Gravel cycling: 49.55%
  • Yoga: 45.55%
  • Winter sports: 39.16%
  • Walking: 37.13%
  • Golf: 28.35%
  • Swimming: 22.48%
  • Hiking: 19.57%
  • Running: 11.58%

Garmin Connect data also provides remarkable year-over-year regional information, including:

  • South America achieved 125.41% more breathing activities, 87.51% more gravel runs, and 37.6% more trail runs on average.
  • Western Europe saw a 59.86% increase in gravel cycling, 14.52% more trail running and 65.57% more yoga activity.
  • Eastern European countries saw an 85.02% increase in yoga activities and a 66.13% increase in gravel walks.
  • North Americans added 34.39% more yoga activities and 28.54% more gravel walks.
  • CAMENA (Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa) recorded 217.11% more Pilates activities, 57.53% more gravel walks and 44.96% more swimming activities.
  • Central America achieved 54.49% more gravel runs and 43.98% more swimming activities.

Fitness activities recorded using Garmin smartwatches increased across the board in 2021, including boating, bouldering, hang gliding, HIIT workouts, rowing and rock climbing.

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