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NELLORE: This bodybuilder trained students from poor financial backgrounds in bodybuilding for free during the Covid-induced lockdown. Valluru Muni Bhaskar (30), who won the Mr South India competition in 2019, is from the YSR colony in Nellore.

His father works in a gas agency and the money was never enough for his family to live a comfortable life. Bhaskar earns 10,000 to 13,000 Rs per month to train bodybuilding students.

Speaking to TNIE, Bhaskar said, “I got into weight training, while studying intermediate, when my friends teased me for being underweight. I started working out in a gym in 2008 and gradually got into powerlifting and strength training. It was my passion that in two years I entered a bodybuilding competition in Nellore in 2010 and was a finalist. My goal is to win an international medal for the Nellore District in bodybuilding competitions.

Valluru Muni Bhaskar with sound
students at Nellore | Express

He said, “At first there was not enough money to buy nutritious food because of my family’s meager income. I took a temporary job to support my father. In 2010, he took part in several competitions. Bhaskar won the title of Mr. Nellore in 2011, the title of Mr. Rayalaseema in 2012 and the title of Mr. Tamil Nadu in 2013.

He also worked as a physical trainer in a company from 2010 to 2013. “In 2017, I won the gold medal in the Mr Andhra competition. In 2019 I was also selected as Mr South India in Nationals organized in Maharashtra. My goal is to get an international medal for the Nellore district, ”said the bodybuilder.

Bhaskar was forced to retire from bodybuilding competitions in 2014-15 following a financial crisis. In 2016, Bhaskar completed a certificate course at the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) and nutrition certification programs with the aim of providing training in the sports discipline to those interested.

“I work as a courier. I have been training under Bhaskar for the past five years. I won two silver medals and one gold in bodybuilding competitions held in Vijayawada, Palakollu and Mandapeta. In 2017, I was selected for the National Junior Championships. But due to the lack of financial support, training, nutrition and diet, I was unable to participate in the competition, ”said Neeli Akhil, one of Bhaskar’s students.

Building a perfect body at home
More than 20 students trained as bodybuilders under the guidance of Bhaskar. Now Bhaskar is looking for a gym and is waiting for financial support to again participate in national and international competitions and train students in bodybuilding.

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