Home training: the pandemic is pushing online fitness training towards the general public



The pandemic has transformed people’s homes into their offices as working from home has become the norm. Now, it is slowly turning people’s homes into gyms, as online fitness coaching grows in popularity. With gyms closed for several months in a row over the past year, many have turned to the virtual world for their fitness needs and plan to continue.

Fitness trainer Calvin Dsouza, who runs an online fitness program, explains, “The main reason this trend has gained traction is that it benefits both coaches and trainees. There are no longer any geographic restrictions and both also save time on commuting. However, for online coaching you need to be a good communicator. It is a skill that we, the coaches, had to develop.

“Online training saves time and gives access to trainers from all over the world”

“Online fitness coaching was previously considered very specialized, as was Zoom calls and working from home. The pandemic has changed that. Some of my friends continue to train online because they are reluctant to go to the gym after the second wave. But for me it is the fact that I can hire the services of any fitness trainer across India, or even the world. Plus, I save time by not having to go to the gym, ”says tech entrepreneur Vishal Agarwal.

Viren Bartender

Almost ten times more requests for online coaching during the pandemic: trainers

Mr India 2016 finalist Viren Barman and fitness trainer said that “there are at least ten times as many requests and customers for virtual training”. “I have clients from Australia, New Zealand and the UK who I could never train if I was limited to one-on-one coaching. I think this trend is here to stay. In fact, in a few years, like working from home, it will start to replace the traditional physical coaching model, ”says Viren.

Work at home

“The advantages outweigh the logistical challenges”
Rohini Kumar from Delhi, who started training with a Mumbai-based coach in April, said: “There are issues like being in good shape and worrying about injuring myself since the coach is in another position. city. But you get used to it and you understand your body over time. Fitness instructor Prabhat Singh adds, “Fitness coaching essentially allows the client to train and correct their technique. Sometimes it is difficult to explain the techniques and correct the shape virtually, but you get used to it.

People feel less aware at home

“I felt conscious in the gym, more comfortable at home”
Ashwini Singh, an advertising professional, says, “I’m a little overweight so I always felt weird going to the gym. Watching all the people in great shape made me realize. Working at home with a fitness trainer is much more comfortable for me. Mayur Vihar-based banker Amjad Ali said: “I gained seven kilograms while sitting at home during the lockdown last year. So, I decided to train. Gyms have been closed for a long time, so I started coaching online thinking I would switch to gyms once they reopened. But honestly, I find it more convenient. Even though the gyms are now open, I have been pursuing online coaching for months now. “” Being at home in the environment you know makes you feel comfortable. It takes away the hesitation and it makes our job easier. In gyms, half of our energy in the first week goes to putting the client at ease, ”adds fitness trainer Nitish Singh.

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