Inside Brie Larson’s Intense Physical Training For Her ‘Captain Marvel’ Role

There’s more to being a Marvel actor than acting, and Brie Larson got the job done. With fitness being a priority for the cast of Captain Marvelsays Larson Initiated“So I started this journey thinking I would get strong and I had no idea. I went way beyond what I thought was possible for my body.

Before Larson was cast as the superhero, she admits she couldn’t walk up a slope without being out of breath. “I fondly called myself ‘an introvert with asthma’ before playing Carol Danvers and started training out of sheer panic.” Now she looks back on that period of her life with admiration. “Being able to hip push 400 pounds, lift 200 pounds, push my trainer’s Jeep, I mean, it’s an amazing experience to realize that what’s inside of you is far beyond what you knew possible,” she explains.

Relying on celebrity trainer Jason Walsh to implement a fitness routine into her life, she slowly became “obsessed” with the gym. And comments from haters also pushed her forward. “When people say, ‘Oh, girls can’t do that,’ it makes me want to do it even more,” she says. “So there’s been huge accomplishments this time around and I just feel like my body is getting more and more used to it and more and more excited.”

Based on his Instagram feed, Larson’s daily workouts include weighted pull-ups, push-ups, squats and lunges, all led by Walsh. At first glance, she only gets stronger from here.

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