IPL 2022: How Virat Kohli’s physical training inspired Gujarat Titans star Sai Sudarshan


Mumbai: Virat Kohli is easily one of the fittest cricketers in the game and an inspiration to millions. By his own admission, his game has improved after putting more emphasis on his fitness. Traditionally, India is not renowned for being the best field unit in a competition, but nowadays selections are based on a player’s fitness level.

Gujarat Titans star Sai Sudarshan has been impressive in IPL 2022 and it has now been revealed that he is a big fan of Kohli. In a recent interview, Sudarshan’s mother, who is a strength and conditioning coach, revealed that Sudarshan used to constantly watch Kohli’s fitness videos and it helps her improve her game.

“A lot of young kids have this mindset, ‘I just want to get my turn at bat,'” Usha told ESPNCricinfo. “Sai was similar in his early years, then he changed. He watched a lot of Virat Kohli videos. Kohli said his fitness gave him a lot of confidence. After that, he started training seriously with me. During the pandemic, he worked hard on his physical condition, and during those two years, he gnawed at my ear asking me: ‘Why are we training like this? Why don’t we train like this? What benefit does this bring?’ He asked a lot of questions. »

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