Leisure and fitness activities take a hit at Sabarmati Riverfront



It is the hot spot of Ahmedabad. Sabarmati Riverfront has been a favorite haunt for fitness-conscious Amdavadis. Joggers who run through the beautifully landscaped gardens in the early morning or cycle enthusiasts who descend clean, cemented alleys at night show its great popularity. A recently introduced service where you can rent bikes has further increased the number of people now heading to this location. Weekends here are even more eventful, with speedboat rides being the Amdavadis’ favorite. And as the mercury rises, the riverside has once again become the home ground for budding cricketers who gather here for a game or two of cricket each morning. While this hub of fun, fitness and leisure activities attracts large numbers of people on a daily basis, Riverside certainly asks relevant questions when it comes to providing a clean, pollution-free atmosphere. A recent survey by the Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) found that pollution in the Sabarmati River has reached alarming levels and that the water is nothing but a mixture of toxic chemicals and resistant microbes. drugs in several places. Of the eight locations where the samples were taken, the study also showed a high level of water pollution in the Sabarmati Riverfront area. An 11 km long stretch on either side of the river has been graced with well-kept gardens and clean sidewalks, but the water along this stretch lacks basic cleaning and maintenance. The report also suggests that effluent discharged into the river by industries does not meet effluent standards. Amdavadis express concern about water pollution.

Leisure in the heat

Anyone who heads to the riverside for a workout or just for an evening stroll, feels that while the beauty of a river flowing through this stretch is a sight to behold, know that the water is polluted is a complete shutdown. They believe that the water should be cleaned. Actor Mayur Chauhan says, “I go to the riverside quite often and it is one of my favorite places in Ahmedabad. But even if it has been well maintained elsewhere, the water should also be kept clean. Kartikeya Sarabhai, Founder and Director of CEE, said: “When the authorities want to promote water sports, at least the water has to be clean enough. If this is not resolved, I am sure that no planning to promote recreation will help. ”

The authorities’ point of view

When contacted, Jagdish Patel, Managing Director of Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation Limited (SRFDCL), said: “The water near the riverside does not stagnate because it keeps changing every time there is water. freshwater is discharged into the main Narmada canal for irrigation. Thus, the quality of the water and the level of pollution change each time water is released. Mukesh Kumar, vice chairman and CEO of Gujarat Maritime Board, adds: “There are a few sewage treatment plants (STP) underway near Shankar Bhawan, Shahibaug – Dafnala and Jal Vihar. All wastewater entering the Sabarmati is treated in sewage treatment plants. Even the National Directorate of River Conservation is funding this project. Once these plants are operational, no sewers will come to the riverside untreated and the water will stay clean. So while the edge of the Sabarmati River shines across the city’s skyline, the water collected for its beautification remains a matter of concern.

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