LinkedIn CEO: No layoffs yet, but hiring freeze across agency components quickly


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The international is amid agencies issuing hiring freezes and layoffs via LinkedIn – currently Facebook’s determined agency Meta has announced it will be laying off 11,000 employees and has installed a hiring freeze. After Musk took over Twitter, the agency laid off 3,000 people, while Microsoft also went through a major layoff exercise, which affected nearly 1,000 people.

Similar to the layoffs, Ryan Roslansky, CEO of Microsoft-owned LinkedIn, told CNBC-TV18 the agency isn’t always planning for layoffs, but a hiring freeze will soon be visible in a few verticals across the company. agency.


“We have not introduced… aform of layoffs. We have positioned ourselves inside a hiring freeze at this time for many components of the agency. But again, like every other leader, we just persevere to navigate the global approach that we want the agency to create to create this platform,” Roslansky said.

He also said layoffs include their personal issues, but it’s also good to see how employees are turning to LinkedIn to find their next opportunity, they can leverage their network, they can search for jobs, they can develop their skills. on something new is the network that we have built.

For the period ended September 30, 2022, LinkedIn sales increased 17% compared to the corresponding period 12 months ago. Roslansky cited in terms of India’s boom sales were up 50% year-on-year.

“When we test India, it goes beyond the fact that sales in India are growing at 50% 12-month-over-year north of eighty-four percent 12-month-over-12, we are finally on the verge of have almost a hundred million contributors in India,” he said.

India is the second largest market working on LinkedIn, with ninety-seven million customers

About the LinkedIn website

According to the LinkedIn website, it has 875 million contributors in more than two hundred countries and territories around the world. Roslansky said India is the second biggest market for the agency.

“I’ve been paying a lot of attention to this international reach because it relates to a lot of hobbies that are happening in India right now, on LinkedIn, it’s just fascinating. So our club in India is over-indexing on networking. They over-index acquired abilities and learning. They over-index activity search. In fact, India right now is the second largest market in terms of engagement on LinkedIn, we have ninety-seven million contributors,” he said.

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