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Max Whitlock literally catapulted himself into the limelight after his performance at the 2016 Olympics. The 23-year-old won his title as the most decorated Olympic gymnast in British history by winning two gold medals on the same day, plus a bronze medal for good measure. The carefully calculated flair with which he plays reflects his personality as well. In person, Max Whitlock presents himself as cool, calm and balanced, but speaks with an unparalleled passion for his sport, having dedicated himself to expanding the sphere of gymnastics in the UK by encouraging and inspiring people across the country. to try his hand at his day job. We met Max at the I Am Team GB event, when thousands of sports clubs across the UK opened their doors for free in an effort to make the nation more active.

“[The Olympics 2016] did his job, ”the Olympian told us. “We made it our mission after London 2012 to interest as many people as possible in gymnastics and sport in general. I never thought an away game could compare, but it does and it worked wonders. But this is all from 2012. Our gym, for example, in South Essex, had a waiting list of a year and a half before even going to Rio, and it’s gone crazy now. , so we’re going to try to accommodate a lot more people. Here, Max Whitlock reveals five of his personal fitness training tips …

1) set clear, high goals for yourself

“The gold medal goals we set for ourselves kept me motivated during the years of training leading up to this point. We always stay very focused and stick to the plan. I try to get a lot of motivation wherever I can, and being at the Olympics was motivation in itself. The atmosphere was amazing there, and we stepped out of the story, so we’re really, really proud. ”

2) At the time of the competition, remember that you have already done the hardest part

“While I was competing I was just like, ‘I’ve done all the hard work so the hardest part is done. I have to go there and enjoy it as I would in any competition ”. I tried to ignore the fact that this was the Olympics and think of it like any other competition, and go there and give my best. Knowing that I have taken the training gives me confidence. Getting ready for a competition is a good start and then you go from there. You must be thinking, “I couldn’t have done more”.

3) keep your pace during training

“Do everything in moderation. Do a little bit of everything every day, as much as possible. Don’t overdo it and start too heavy, build in gradually.

4) stretch every day

“Stretching is also very important, I stretch every day. But at the end of the day, just try to stay motivated and keep moving forward.

5) Be part of a team, or a support network

“I was lucky with [my] partnerships [as] I have to meet a lot of other athletes along the way. Being in the Olympic Village, there was a great atmosphere. i usually see [other British Olympians] in the ski lifts to and from competitions, so it’s a good atmosphere when we wish each other good luck. . I met Jess [Ennis-Hill] several times, and Tom Daley, Jamie and Andy Murray all seem quite genuine and genuinely interested in gymnastics which is great to see.

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