Medical and tactical exercises the main components of Ex Shared Accord 2022


Shared Accord, the joint South African/American humanitarian/tactical exercise, is back on track and set to begin with mobilization on Sunday July 3 after a five-year absence.

The South African National Defense Force (SANDF) is assigning 600 personnel to the exercise, according to its Directorate: Corporate Communication (DCC). Airmen, military doctors, sailors and soldiers will be there, with the tactical component scheduled from July 12 to 28 and the humanitarian component (exclusively medical) from July 5 to 26.

As host nation, South Africa is responsible for logistics and support services for the exercise, primarily in KwaZulu-Natal, with the tactical component planned for the Coast Province and the Free State.

US personnel are expected to number around 50, including specialized medical personnel from the New York National Guard.

The tactical portion of Shared Accord 2022 will focus on air cargo handling from loading to unloading and reloading for delivery to sites of use using Bloemfontein, presumably Air Base (AFB) Bloemspruit (which shares ramp facilities with Bram Fisher International) and Richards Bay Airport on the north coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

DCC calls this part of the Shared Agreement “response training” with U.S. and South African participation at Free State Air Base and Richards Bay Civil and General Aviation Facility .

The medical component of Shared Accord will mainly focus on the local municipality of Umhlathuze. defenseWeb has learned that eight clinics in villages in the largely rural local authority have been identified by military doctors from both countries in conjunction with local advisers as sites where medical services will be available to local residents. These include eye and dental care and will be offered from Tuesday July 5 until July 28, when Shared Accord will begin to demobilize and return to units.

Shared Accord 2022 has ten objectives, one of which is to re-establish a “base” for regular similar bilateral exercises.

Another objective, according to the DCC, is the conduct of joint interagency, interdepartmental, and multinational (JIIM) exercise planning processes between the SANDF and other departments of state (whether SA and/or US not specified).

Regarding military missions, the Shared Accord 2022 will include air support for peace support operations; the protection of maritime forces against conventional and asymmetrical threats, at sea and ashore in ports; establish a beachhead for the delivery of humanitarian relief supplies; as well as providing medical support to its own forces and humanitarian aid to the local population.

Joint Operations Division Brigadier General Pamla Dlamini is the Director of the Shared Accord with Col. Wayne Mabuza of the South African 46th Brigade, Commander of the South African Joint Task Force (JTF).

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