New F45 Fitness Center Opens at The Junction in Wentzville | Local sports



The newest location for the popular F45 fitness studio concept opened to the public when it officially opened on July 24 at 1305 Lodora Dr at the Wentzville Junction. F45 Wentzville will occupy 3,000 square feet of retail space in the building adjacent to Brett Hull’s Junction House and will offer a wide variety of high intensity group and team training classes for people of all fitness levels.

“The F in F45 stands for Functional Training, which is a mix of circuit and HIIT style workouts that primarily focus on building the muscles you use during daily activities and really emphasizes strength and fitness. core stability, ”said Keith Horneker, owner of the new F45 Wentzville. “The 45 represents the duration in minutes of training classes. Our fitness room places particular emphasis on team motivation, innovation and obtaining quick results from fun workouts. and effective. Team training, life changing – that is our motto. “

F45 is one of the fastest growing fitness franchises in the world, with over 1,750 studios in 45 countries and over 650 in the United States, including other locations in the St. Louis area in Des Peres, Chesterfield and Ellisville. It’s part of a trend towards high-tech fitness stores that offer more personalized training and hands-on care than traditional big-box, free-weight gyms.

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