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In June 2019, the District of Columbia Alcohol Control Board considered challenging the renewal of a liquor license for the Trump International Hotel on the grounds that owner Donald Trump “lacked good character.” A group of district residents including judges and clergy asked the council to deny the license because, in their opinion, Trump “is not fit to run a bar,” the Washington post reported.

“Donald Trump, the actual and current owner of the Trump International Hotel, is not a person of good character,” the residents wrote. They came to this conclusion because of “certain lies he told, his involvement in fraudulent and other activities demonstrating his lack of integrity, and his refusal to obey the law or to stop associating with them. known criminals “.

It turns out that licensing boards can and have refused or suspended liquor licenses for restaurants, clubs and bars due to evidence of the moral incompetence of their owners or managers.

Almost all states require local officials responsible for issuing liquor licenses to examine the character of applicants. The website for Mass. Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (ABCC) states that managers of companies seeking alcohol permits “must be approved by both the ABCC and the LLA.” [local licensing authority] regarding his character.

Donald Trump somehow managed to renew his license. So is Barbara Niggel, the owner of Willy’s World Wellness and Conference Center in Eastham, as we reported last week.

When Niggel’s renewal was first presented to Eastham Select’s board of directors, its chairman, Jamie Demetri, noted “multiple issues regarding … historic violations of the liquor license.” But board member Art Autorino objected to Niggel’s punishment for past actions. “She lost a lot of business,” he said, due to the city being closed for months. Autorino seems to have won this argument.

The Independent tried to report on Willy’s problems regularly. Here is what we know.

Eastham closed Willy’s Gym after Niggel hosted an illegal after-hours party in the building in December 2019, when his automatic sprinkler system was broken. Willy’s had been cited for violating building, health, fire, electrical and safety codes. That night, the exits to the packed hall were barricaded by furniture.

Niggel has been sued at least 26 times by his employees and contractors for not paying them. The worst-case scenario was his refusal to pay the widow of his employee, Joe Abbott, nearly $ 20,000 she owed him when he died of a heart attack at work. The state ordered her to do it, and she ultimately did.

Niggel was indicted in 2014 for non-payment of unemployment taxes and had to pay $ 177,000 in restitution. After that, she was fined an additional $ 101,000 by the state for labor law violations.

Finally, she was credibly accused of identity theft by one of her tenants, who agreed to drop the charges after Niggel signed a deal to pay her $ 100,000. After making five payments of $ 2,000, Niggel never followed through.

Maybe the Eastham board thinks Niggel did more than just revamp the furniture at Willy’s, but really changed his mind. We will try to give an account of how this is going.

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