Rethinking the Benefits of Fitness in the Context of the Continuing COVID Crisis



As employers navigate the hybrid work environment, they need to rethink how they support all employees health and wellbeing.

Lifestyle benefits have been a proven way for employers to invest in the well-being of their employees, but these fun benefits can no longer be tied to a physical environment like much to the world of workers. went digital following the pandemic.

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Digital fitness company Fiit has launched its corporate wellness program, Fiit for Work, which allows companies to offer employees Fiit subscriptions so they can improve their health and well-being no matter where. they find themselves.

With the pandemic raging, not all employees feel comfortable working out in a gym. About 50% of gym members say they won’t return to these facilities, according to a study by fitness retailer RunRepeat.

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“The addition of Fiit for Work is the next step we are taking in helping businesses ensure their people are happy, fully engaged and productive,” said Daniel Shellard, CEO of Fiit, in a statement. “The pandemic has exposed the need for companies to design and integrate adequate wellness programs to support their workforce.

Through Fiit for Work, employers will provide their employees with access to the company’s library of on-demand workouts. Fiit for Work members who use Amazon Fire TV or Samsung Smart TV can use an interactive feature that connects to their fitness monitor and displays their Fiit points, number of reps, heart rate zone, and calories burned on their screen. of TV.

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Physical well-being can help improve emotional well-being, and employees who feel supported by their organization in these two areas are likely to be more productive and loyal to their employer.

“We have seen an increased awareness of companies looking to better support their employees as we all adapt to new ways of working,” says Ben Wharfe, director of human resources at Fiit. “Investing in solutions that will benefit individuals over the long term goes a long way in motivating and engaging your employees. It shows a real commitment to improving the lives of your employees, at home and in the office. “

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