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Shaw was one of three Air Combat Command bases selected to test the alternate components of the physical fitness assessment.

“The CSAF recognized that Airmen condition their bodies in different ways,” said Master Sgt. Marquita Oliver, 20th Force Support Squadron food services superintendent. “He worked with a fitness team to get us away from a one-size-fits-all model.”

Airmen who volunteered were given the opportunity to evaluate two alternatives for the cardio portion, one alternative for the strength component, two alternatives for the baseline assessment, and one alternative for the comprehensive test.

Airmen tested the High Aerobic Multi-shuttle Run (20M HAMR) for the cardio requirement, the new hand-release push-ups for the strength component, and between crossover reverse crunches or the plank for the baseline assessment. They also had the option of choosing to do three minutes of burpees in lieu of the entire assessment.

“I like the test to be more comprehensive in the future,” said Senior Airman Jakob Polendo, food service specialist with the 20th FSS. “Maybe you’re not a good runner, so in the past you haven’t scored well, but you can knock out 60 burpees and score over 90 percent.”

Data from the alternate component evaluations was sent to the ACC and then routed to Air Force Headquarters for comment.

“We received a lot of positive feedback during the testing phase here at Shaw,” Oliver said. “Airmen seem hungry for alternatives because they can now choose an option that matches their conditioning methods.”

Finalized scoring charts for the Fitness Assessment, with alternate components disaggregated by gender and age, will be provided at a later date.

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