Shock Room Fitness shares the benefits of EMS fitness training



Shock Room Fitness is a Berkeley Heights-based company specializing in EMS fitness training. The company uses this technology for fat burning and muscle toning sessions.

Berkeley Heights, New Jersey – In an exclusive update, Shock Room Fitness shared the benefits of EMS fitness training. The team noted that electrical muscle stimulation is often used for physical therapy and deep relaxation techniques. EMS is a relatively new concept to the world, but studies have found that the benefits of this training program are both physical and psychological.

The team noted that EMS fitness Berkeley Heights stimulates muscle tissue that is below the surface. They explained that these muscles are often quite difficult to activate through other conventional exercise training programs. During training, the muscle electrostimulation machine helps to extend the time of muscle contraction. This results in more intensive training and faster muscle growth which might not be possible during a typical workout.

They also noted that by the age of 30, people start to lose a percentage of their muscle mass. This often reduces the ability to lose weight. However, they did mention that a personalized EMS fitness workout could help people shed extra pounds easier and faster. They noted that the increased muscle activity due to EMS leads to increased energy and metabolism levels, thereby burning more calories.

In addition, they noted that EMS fitness Berkeley Heights helps shape and reshape the body, regenerate connective tissue and reduce cellulite. They said that EMS training is an ideal supplement to diets. They noted that the program produces effective results that last longer.

About Shock Room Fitness

Fitness Shock Room is a modern fitness center specializing in EMS training. The team tailors fitness programs to meet the needs of each client.

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