Specforce Abs System Review: Special Forces Physical Training (Todd Lamb)



According to the official website, the Specforce Abs System is a six week fitness program that helps men and women easily achieve the desirable six pack which can be difficult to do without assistance. The program is developed by fitness experts, giving them the knowledge they need to establish the physique they have been striving for.

Anyone who has set a fitness goal must find a path that is right for them. Unfortunately, most workout routines just don’t work in the way that users expect. Some programs just aren’t right for their body type, while others don’t measure up to what they can really do. The Specforce Abs System aims to be the solution for these people.

Both men and women can benefit from the use of Specforce Abs System since there are different programs for each of these morphologies. The creators of the system developed this program from a SWAT team routine, giving users insight into the requirements of a special operations unit. While these methods are generally protected by the agencies that use them, the Specforce Abs System will look at a core workout regimen that gives both men and women a flat, toned stomach.

How does the Specforce Abs system work?

While there are other programs on the market today, consumers can make a big mistake. In fact, as the creators of the Abs Specforce System, these other programs increase the waistline of the user, which is far from what any fitness-oriented individual wants. Specifically, poor training can accelerate the aging of the body, put more weight on the waist and hips, and develop severe pain along the back and stomach.

To eliminate these risks, the program deals with five training methods to create a strong core, which are:

  • Stacking Assets
  • Abdominal shielding
  • Fixed angle contraction
  • QT reports
  • Strategic target selection

All of these techniques were used by the Creator as an SSF soldier in the Canadian Army, targeting the rectus abdominis, obliques and posterior chain. However, the purpose of this abdominal muscle strengthening program was to prepare them for battle, not to lose weight. Instead, this improvement is almost jokingly referred to as a “side effect” of the required training.

The active stack focuses on activating all three areas of the abdominal muscles to bring them together, activating the entire core at once.

Abdominal armor engages all three areas of the abdominal muscles, increasing stiffness in a way that almost looks like armor. In doing so, the body is protected from injury during training.

The fixed-angle contraction increases the engagement of muscle fibers, working more efficiently than the concentric contractions typically found in other routines.

TQ exercises build muscles at a rapid rate. TQ – or tissue quality – is uniquely engaged to work in each abdominal field of action. This part of the routine should be used before moving on to selecting strategic targets.

The selection of strategic targets uses electromyography to activate muscles as efficiently as possible. He engages the bottom abdominal muscles, which is one of the most stubborn areas of the body.

Materials included

The Specforce Abs System manual provides all the information users will need to follow the routine. With just six weeks to go, users should read this guide to fully understand what they are getting into before getting started.

As a freebie for today’s order, users will also receive:

The Fix & FLATTEN 7-Day Gut Health Protocol, which takes a week to eliminate 3 inches from the waistline with full instructions

The Blue Jeans Perfect-Butt solution, which allows users to take up to six sizes smaller in their jeans size

Purchase access to the Specforce Abs system

The program is digital, but users will have to choose between the male or female program to download anything. While there is no information on the difference between these two programs, users will only get these small details when choosing the product that applies to them. The only real difference seems to be the definition of the new muscles.

Whatever the version, the total cost is $ 29. The documents will be delivered electronically as soon as payment is made. Users who have questions can send an email to [email protected]

Specforce Abs System Summary

The Specforce Abs System works to give users a strong core that will support their health and reduce their waistline. The routine only requires six weeks of commitment, although users can repeat it over and over again until they achieve the desired look. Both women and men can benefit from this, erasing the effects of less strict routines.

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