The fitness benefits of fishing


Gone fishing! Fishing is a big part of our culture, and it has been important to human survival for centuries. There’s more to fishing than just catching a good supper!

There is a lot of benefits for fishingmentally, physically and socially.

Fishing is good for the body

Yes, fishing really is a workout. It strengthens the core, back, shoulders, arms and legs. Casting the line, reeling the fish, wading through streams, standing in the water, and walking to the next spot are all great exercises. Fishing really gets you moving, and because it does, it also improves balance (which is so important as we age). It works all of those muscles while burning a few extra calories in the process. Fishing is a great low impact exercise for anyone at any age.

Fishing is good for mental health

Spending time outdoors helps reduce stress levels, reduces anxiety and helps fight depression. This means that fishing is a very relaxing activity. Get outside, breathe in the fresh air and take vitamin D – it helps lower cortisol levels to fight trauma, stress and PTSD. Getting outdoors not only improves mood and helps lower blood pressure, but also improves sleep, which improves everything about the human body! Fishing is also meditative, and therefore improves concentration and awareness.

Fishing is a great social activity

Fishing is a way to spend time with the family. There are things to learn and skills to pass on to the younger generation. When you fish with younger family members, you have the opportunity to pass on what you’ve learned from others, like great places to catch the best fish. (Alberta has excellent fishing grounds), how to bait the hook, cast the line and clean the fish. At the end of the day, enjoy together a healthy meal based on old family recipes of fresh fish.

Fishing exercises the brain

These skills to be transmitted are not an exact science. Fishing never works exactly the same way every time. You may need a different bait or try a new location or a different type of rod. You may need to troubleshoot or make decisions on the fly.

That’s why fishing helps maintain cognitive function and creative thinking, and why it’s great for analytical skills. There is a lot to know and remember when fishing. Rules and regulations, licensing requirementswhat to catch, when to go and how to handle and manage it all – these attributes of fishing help keep your mind and body active.

Fishing has so many benefits, and at the same time gives self-reliance and patience too. There are so many reasons to hang out with friends and family on the lake or river this summer, so plan a fishing trip today.

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