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Personal trainer Jay Todd never promises his clients a world of change.

Instead, the owner of JT Training simply says he wants to make their life “better with one click”.

“If I can get them to do one more push-up or help them avoid eating something unhealthy, I will,” Todd said, in an office at his 2122 Fourth St. fitness studio. life is one click at a time. “

Todd should know. A sports medicine professional with over 25 years of experience, he has taught at colleges while training clients that span the gamut from athletes to beauty queen to the street.

This approach is also why JT Training has established itself as Siouxland’s choice for the best fitness center / gym. Todd and his team of cardio enthusiasts ran laps around the Four Season Health Club and Thrive Fitness, which faced second and third place honors.

However, every assessment Todd makes begins with the same question: What goal do you hope to achieve in terms of your athletic ability or personal fitness?

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“I work with clients between the ages of 8 and 80,” Todd explained. “Although I can train an elite athlete, most people don’t want to be elite athletes.”

In fact, they may just want to lose weight, tone their lean muscles, and get back into shape.

“We personally create each program based on evaluations using proven scientific principles of exercise physiology,” Todd said.

This can include everything from losing weight and reducing body fat to muscle strength and endurance, reducing pain, and improving balance and flexibility.

Jay Todd, owner of JT Training, works with Nicole Garber during a group training class at his studio in Sioux City.

Tim Hynds, the weekend

Plus, Todd promises that such activities will be done in a non-intimidating way.

“Getting into a fitness center can be difficult for people,” he said. “It’s a misconception that everyone who goes to the gym is in great shape.”

“It’s just not true,” Todd said, shaking his head.

A recent lunchtime class had a mix of fitness enthusiasts as well as those just looking to get in shape after the holidays.

OK, level with us. How long is it really going to take?

“Most people don’t have the desire or the flexibility to spend two hours in a gym,” Todd said. “That is why we are trying to reduce everything as much as possible.”

JT Health training

Jay Todd, owner of JT Training, works with clients during a group training class at his studio in Sioux City.

Tim Hynds, the weekend

For example, her clients do the work of a typical 60-minute session, only in half that time.

Indeed, Todd and his assistants choreograph the sessions in a rapid-fire section, moving clients from station to station or exercise to exercise with little rest in between.

“You have to keep the programs fun, challenging and constantly evolving,” he explained. “Every time a person comes to train, it will be in a different routine.”

“No one is in a rut here,” Todd said as he put his midday team to the test.

JT Health training

Jay Todd, owner of JT Training, works with client Kreighton Stokely during a group training class at his studio in Sioux City.

Tim Hynds, the weekend

It can make exercise the ultimate stress relief.

“My clients come to me of all shapes, ages and abilities,” Todd explained. “If they commit to a program, they will learn the proper technique, get in shape while having fun doing it.”

Which is, in the end, what Todd’s customers want.

“They are looking for individual results from programs designed for them,” he said. “Nothing is worse than a boring exercise class and we’re not making boredom here.”

Siouxland’s Choice: Health and Fitness

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