TR4YTS Reviews: Fitness Program for Legitimate Men and Women?


When most people start to work out, they focus on building muscle and shedding excess fat. However, it’s hard to find a workout routine that is specific to your body type and needs. Plus, most fitness programs, diets, and other strategies that promise to build your sculpt may work for some people but not for others.

Tr4yts is a 12-week fitness program specific to your body type, age and fitness goals developed by Alex Goad. TR4YTS stands for Train Right 4 Your Type System. Alex shares that it was his childhood dream to get a muscle sculpture. However, even after decades of trying numerous fitness programs like HIIT and consuming various diet practices like keto and intermittent fasting, he couldn’t achieve his ideal physique.

According to Alex, most programs that claim to help build muscle improve temporary weight loss. Carlos Castro is a professional coach who helped Alex transform his body in less than three months using a specific approach. Unfortunately, doing the wrong things in the wrong order is the reason most people fail to achieve their bodily goals.

What is preventing you from getting muscular?

1. Follow “generalist” training

What training program are you currently using? According to Alex, your body is unique. You have a specific hormonal profile; so, what might work for someone else can harm you. For example, a healthy 18 year old man has high testosterone levels compared to a 50 year old man.

However, an overweight 18 year old man can have the same testosterone levels as a 60 year old man. This is because your body has critical hormones that influence your ability to gain muscle. Alex shares that most people are resistant to insulin without their knowledge. Insulin resistance triggers muscle shrinkage (atrophy). Hormones with low testosterone levels also inhibit muscle growth.

2. A weight loss strategy harmful to health

Alex claims that a anaerobic weight loss routine allows you to improve your cardiovascular system and improve blood circulation. However, following an anaerobic route allows you to lose weight, including lean muscle, for a limited period of time. After a while, even after you have been consistent in your diet and exercise program, the weight loss process stops. Alex recommends following a lactic route discovered by a Romanian researcher.

According to the researcher, when you exercise your muscles with weights at a specific intensity and movements, lactic acid floods your body. Lactic acid is crucial for triggering a growth hormone that improves muscle development and weight loss. In addition, growth hormone speeds up recovery after training and promotes elasticity and thickness of the skin.

3. Specific diets and supplements

Alex Goad advises you not to follow strict diets which can harm your body. Instead, eating a nutritious, balanced diet can help you lose weight and build attractive muscles. Additionally, consuming foods that balance your blood sugar and increase testosterone levels is crucial for muscle development.

Fitness trainers may recommend doing cardio. However, cardio can help you burn body fat but inhibit muscle development. If you choose to lift weights, be sure to increase the weight as you build more endurance. To build muscle, you have to lift a heavy weight which causes micro-tears that form dense and strong fibers after recovery.

Micro-tears are the building blocks of muscles. Micro-tears need enough rest to rebuild and strengthen. Therefore, you need to get enough rest between workouts to avoid injury and allow for the development of strong muscles.

What do you get from Tr4yts?

Once you visit the official website of Tr4yts, you will have to answer quizzes that will help the creator generate a personalized training program based on your specific needs and body type.

Mobile workouts

Today, millions of people use a smartphone more than any other digital device. Therefore, you can choose to work out at home or carry your phone to the gym. Alex Goad provides you with a mobile version of the workout section including videos that can help you build muscle. These mobile workouts are compatible with any iOS and Android device.

Ultimate Diet Guide

When you start to exercise, you become aware of what you are eating. Alex Goad’s Diet and Nutrition Plans detail the science behind consuming specific meals. Tr4yts’ 30 Day Meal Plan gives you details on what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 30 days. Plus, Alex clarifies which snacks are best for encouraging muscle growth. Tr4yts maker also offers you detailed recipes to help you find a dish that will make you gain muscle.

12 week personalized training plan

Tr4yts offers you a 12 week challenge to help you build a ripped physique. According to Alex, in 12 weeks you can lose 18 pounds of fat and gain 6 pounds of muscle. The creator of Tr4yts divides the 12 weeks into three cycles to make it more stimulating and fun.

Training logs

Tr4yts creates a unique personal profile based on your workout routine to keep you on track and maximize your results. Tr4yts workout logs encourage you to stay on track and aim to achieve your specific body goals.

Ultimate HIIT

Tr4yts’ HIIT Guide lets you work out in the comfort of your home and get the same results as a gym member. Most people have busy lifestyles, the Ultimate HIIT Guide gives you a chance to work out even when you are on the move. Alex Goad claims that with just 60 minutes per week, you can achieve your desired body goals.

Bonuses include:

Ultimate Supplements Guide allows you to consume specific supplements that can improve weight loss and encourage muscle gain.

The TuneUp program reduces the risk of developing injuries, especially if you’ve never worked out before.

The Glutes program encourages the growth of “silver muscles” which improves athleticism.

Massive Arms Guide helps you build thick biceps, deltoids, triceps, and forearms.

Where to buy Tr4yts

All Tr4yts products are digital. Hence, they become accessible instantly after purchase. It would be better if buy Tr4yts only from official website. Alex Goad offers customers a 30 day money back guarantee.


Train Right 4 Your Type System (TR4YTS) is a program that can help people lose weight permanently and gain muscle. Alex Goad claims that most people cannot achieve their ideal physique because they are taking the wrong approach. Tr4yts takes your gender, age, current height, weight, and activity level into account to create a personalized 12-week program that can help you achieve your specific body goals.

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