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It’s the usual story: you want to build muscle and get strong, but you end up quitting every time. What a problem, eh? Strength training is often very difficult. It would be better if you had the discipline to persevere, or you will end up giving up halfway.

Unfortunately, it is also difficult to find decent coaches. Sometimes you hire people who focus on all the technical aspects of the training, but they don’t seem to be in such good shape themselves, so why should you trust them? Other times, these guys are bursting with muscle. However, they also use anabolics, which are bad for you.

Today we will review a new training program who claims to solve the problem: Vince’s Gym. Is this another scam disguised as an opportunity to get the body you’ve always wanted, or is it the real deal?

What is Vince’s Gym?

This program is based on the teachings of “a 104-year-old obsessive and rude Italian ”known as Vince Gironda, or the Iron Guru. He came up with a rigorous yet simple training method in the 1940s that you can use until today without too much cost.

Essentially, his old-fashioned way is to focus on the right exercises to build strength and stamina. At the same time, you will stick to a diet that will give you the energy you need to burn off at the gym.

Vince started training people near Los Angeles and was responsible for training many famous actors. Some of his students were very famous people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mohammad Makkawy and Carl Weathers. He also invented several popular exercises such as 8 × 8, 6 × 6, muscle confusion, the guillotine press and others.

How it works

Vince’s Gym is a subscription to an online training program which basically brings the gym to your home. This is a 12 month four phase training program based on Vince’s old school knowledge.

The first phase is the 8 × 8 workout, which is an interval workout of four 8 × 8 lifts. It’s tough, but it’s also beneficial. After you get your first muscles, this is followed by a muscle definition phase to burn fat and tone your body.

Then you come to the famous 6 × 6 program, which will help you tone and define your body. The final phase is a strengthening phase, in which you don’t have to be so strict with the food, but you train very hard with an emphasis on strength and muscle growth.

Some of the benefits of training include increasing your energy levels, regaining strength, and making you feel better than ever before. You will discover muscles you never even knew existed, and your confidence and appearance will be increased tenfold.

According to the creators of Vince’s Gym, it’s almost like growing old inside out. By burning body fat and becoming healthier, you feel at least ten years younger than before.

Features of Vince’s Gym

By purchasing this product you will get the full training program. It lasts for a whole year and the main goal is to help you tone your body and become much stronger during this time. However, that’s not all you get.

First of all, you will have access to Vince’s vault. It is an online training program with several resources available 24/7. This way it is possible to get the information anytime and anywhere.

Another plus is access to The Iron Guru’s community website. It will help you grow as a bodybuilder by contacting other enthusiasts. Being part of a community is a great way to achieve a common goal and to exchange tips and ideas. So, you can expect to feel a lot more motivated than if you had to do it on your own.

Being part of the Iron Guru community, you will also get a 10% discount whenever you purchase supplements from NSP Supplements. This company was founded in 1972 by Vince himself and specializes in supplements that can help bodybuilders achieve their goals more easily.

Vince’s Gym also gives monthly live events. At these events, you can ask questions directly to the people who run the website and get feedback. It will definitely give you a ton of value and improve your workout over time.

Finally, you’ll get a digital version of The Wild Physique, Vince’s best-selling book. This rare volume sold out years ago, and the physical version costs over $ 200 in many stores.

In the book, you can read many of Vince’s secrets and learn a lot from experts such as Mohamed Makkawy and Larry Scott. It also contains a list of what you need to eat to achieve your results, and it has several strength training.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

Vince’s Gym offers many advantages but also some disadvantages. Let’s check them out.

Advantages :

  • You will participate in forums and get help from more experienced bodybuilders.
  • The courses and training manuals are very detailed.
  • You can participate in the course at your own pace.
  • By exercising you will be much healthier than before.
  • People who try resistance training often gain confidence.


You will need a lot of effort to do it all yourself at home. One of the main benefits of a gym or personal trainer is that it’s not so easy not to give up.

Training materials are not included with the program. Although the program doesn’t use anything fancy, you might need to purchase some equipment.


You can join Vince’s Gym, paying only $ 197. The training lasts a whole year and you only have to pay for it once. It’s only 54 cents a day to get the body you wanted your whole life. The average gym membership can cost up to $ 700 in a single year, so it’s pretty cheap compared to that.

According to the official website, all assets sold separately would have a total value of over $ 1,600, so this is a good deal. You only pay for the Iron Community Membership ($ 197) and you get everything else for free.

There is also another method in which you can pay $ 75 in three installments. It ends up costing $ 225 which is a bit more, but you don’t need the $ 200.00 upfront to get started.

Note that the offer is “risk free”. If you don’t like the training methods, you can request a refund for up to 60 days from purchase. There are no questions asked. You request a refund, and it will be there for you by contacting the company at:

  • Product support:
  • Order Support:!/

Payments can be made with popular credit card brands such as MasterCard, American Express, and Visa.


Is this the real deal or some other scam? The offer appears to be true. Vince Gironda was, indeed, a very famous trainer, and he worked with several celebrities. So by follow your workout routine, you can be sure to achieve your results.

Working out in a gym helps motivate you. However, you should know that only people who are willing to put in a lot of effort should buy this program. So, by doing everything on your own, you may face a more difficult time than you expected. Be sure to check out the online community if you’re on your own.

All in all, this seems like a nice offer, however. You will get all the advice you need in Vince’s Gym to start building a stronger body, and you will definitely see the results in a year if you apply yourself.

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