Watch: Chris Hemsworth’s intense physical training for “Extraction” sequel



Chris Hemsworth gears up for his 2020 film sequel Extraction. And the preparation process also involves building your physique. The 38-year-old actor recently told us about his intense workout routine that he followed to get back in shape for the film.

“Going from heavy weight training to a lot more functional bodyweight movements focusing on agility, strength and speed,” Chris wrote on Instagram alongside a video in which he is seen performing a range of muscle building exercises. Here’s what the workout regimen included:

* Three minutes of boxing (cardio)
* 50 squats (lower body)
* 40 sit-throughs (mobility)
* 20 repetitions for each exercise (basic)
* 25 push-ups (upper body)
* Rest two minutes, four sets in total

See the video:

The Thor The actor also completed occlusion training with Ross Edgley. In a video he shared earlier, the actor has a belt tied around his arms with his veins sticking out. It involves the process of restricting the flow of blood and oxygen, forcing the muscles to work harder over a shorter period of time. It helps train the biceps and the body’s ability to tolerate lactic acid.

Chris, without a doubt, sets serious fitness goals for everyone.

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