What is TRX suspension training … and are the fitness benefits worth it?



Like metcon and AMRAP, TRX is just one of those fitness terms that sound a lot more intimidating than it actually is. Many gyms across the UK now offer suspension classes, but many of us are reluctant to try it for fear that it will involve complicated movements, Herculean strength, or a lot of pain the next day.

The truth is, anyone can do TRX and if you’re looking to build a lean, wicked, and athletic machine, this is one of the best methods available for whole body strength.

What is TRX?

Have you ever noticed pairs of black and yellow straps hanging from the ceiling in your gym? It’s TRX. It stands for “Total Body Resistance Exercise,” and it’s basically a suspension-based exercise system that uses gravity and your own body weight to make the exercise harder – rather than weights and machines. .

The method was created by Navy Seal Commander Randy Hetrick, who needed a way to keep his troops in shape no matter where they were stationed. The sturdy stirrups / handles are slid over the feet or hands, and the user must use their central stabilizers to perform a series of exercises while maintaining balance.

Pretty much any basic exercise – like a plank or push-up – can be made more difficult by incorporating the TRX bands. This means that you can get a pretty intense workout in a short period of time.

What are the benefits for fitness?

Even if you only use two basic suspension straps, you can perform an endless number of different movements. When used correctly, this is a full body workout that provides a rock solid core, increases strength, improves posture, increases flexibility, and builds your endurance.

You can also make it as hard as you want; just adjusting the position of your body can increase or decrease the resistance with each movement. This makes it a great option for everyone from total fitness beginners to elite athletes.

Where can I do it?

Many gyms now have TRX suspension ropes and some even have dedicated classes. If you don’t want to shell out for a subscription, you can buy your own and set them up anywhere, like at home or outside in the garden.

The beauty of the TRX is in its simplicity. The straps are portable and can be attached to any sturdy vertical anchor point, such as a post, beam, or tree branch. Then they can be folded up and tossed in a gym bag, making them a perfect companion for fitness enthusiasts who travel a lot.

If you don’t know where to start, the TRX Fit Suspension Trainer (£ 99, Argos.co.uk) comes with a Basic Workout DVD, which offers a demonstration of some of the basic exercises, such as the presses. thoracic, rows and folds of the knees. Once you get the hang of the basics, you can start adding more difficult moves – and of course, there are plenty of different tracking workouts on YouTube for you to try.

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